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Trail to Eagle Day a Success
18 Scouts from our troop participated in the Trail to Eagle Day at Camp Seminole February 5. The older Scouts (First Class and above) worked on Eagle required merit badges, while the younger Scouts completed the Trailblazer course.  Depending on what they needed, Scouts took courses such as Wood Tools (ax and knife use and safety), fire building, ropes (knots and lashings), orienteering, and most went on the five mile hike.  While on the five mile hike, the Scouts also picked up over 200 pounds of litter along the side on Sun Creek Road.
The day closed with a campfire ceremony led by the Communications merit badge class. 
The photo above shows that most of the Scouts in the Trailblazer class were from Troop 45.  Overall, 18 of the 50 Scouts who attended Trail to Eagle were from Troop 45, plus Troop 45 had an additional eight senior Scouts and adults who showed up to help conduct the day's events.