Scout Accounts
When our Scouts sell popcorn, about 1/3 of the money they collect comes back to the troop.  In most troops, that money is used for operating expenses.  In Troop 45, we do things a little bit different.

Our troop takes the 1/3 that comes back to the troop, and places it in an account (called a Scout account) for the use of the Scout who sold the popcorn.  If a Scout sells $1,000 worth of popcorn, then about $333 will be placed in his Scout account.  He can use that money for annual dues, registration fees, a uniform, National Jamboree expenses, or a new sleeping bag. Any valid scouting expense can be covered by this account.  (The actual amount is alwasy slightly less than 1/3, but still close enough to use that number as an example.)

As long as the Scout is active in Troop 45, he can use his Scout account to pay his own way in Scouting.   When the Scout leaves or ages out of Troop 45, the balance of his Scout account can be transferred to the account of a younger brother in the troop.  If there is not a younger brother to transfer to, the balance of the account goes back into the troop's general fund.