The Scout Law is our discipline policy. The 12 points of the Scout Law, when observed, create a sense of good character in every boy.

All Scouts are expected to be respectful of their youth leaders and adult leaders.  The use of the words "Sir" and Ma'am" are expected when talking with adults.  Courtesy reflects well on our Scouts and our troop as a whole. 

When a discipline issue arises, the adult leaders will counsel with the boys involved, and ask them questions similar to these:  "How did your actions reflect the Scout law?  Were you living the Scout Law when you (fill in the blank)?  How many points of the Scout law did you just break"  We have found that expecting our boys to live by the Scout Law, and holding them accountable for that, is usually sufficient for maintaining good discipline.

In the unlikely event a boy is reluctant or unwilling to follow the Scout Law during troop activities, and talking with the adult leaders does not bring appropriate results, the Scout may be referred to the Troop Committee for further discussion.