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Fall 2009 Camporee

Troop 45 attended the 2009 Super Bulldawg Camporee on MSU campus November 6-8.  Three patrols of our troop made a great showing.  The Monkey Patrol (Silas Knox, PL), the Sabertooth Patrol (Thomas McBroom, Troop Guide), and the Kool-Aid Man Patrol, blended from the Panther Patrol and the Kool-Aid Man Patrol (Aaron Remotigue, PL Kool-Aid Man, Keyes McDonald, PL Panthers). The Scouts of our troop started 76 individual merit badges during the camporee.  Each class was conducted at either the Miss. State University campus, or at the Mississippi Horse Park.  Classes were diverse, ranging from Horsemanship to Nuclear Energy.  

We arrived Friday night around 6:00, and SPL Cole Wood and his patrol leaders supervised the set up of camp.   Pioneering Instructor Evan McBroom organized the design and construction of our camp gateway with the help of the Monkey Patrol, the Sabertooths erected all tents and laid the groundcloths, and the Kool-Aid Man Patrol erected the dining fly and the kitchen.  Camp was set up on the infield of the horse track.

Saturday was an early start, with the troop rising at 6:00 AM, and leaving the camp at 7:15 to load busses for MSU campus.  Classes started at 8:00AM.  Each class lasted 110 minutes, and the Scouts had 10 minutes for changing classes.    Lunch was at the Perry Cafeteria, and Scouts could get whatever they wished off the serving lines.  Classes resumed at 1:30 PM, and finished at 5:30 PM. 

Dinner was good for everyone.  The Sabertoooths had camp-made chili, the Monkeys had shish-kabobs, and the Kool-Aid Men had jambalaya with Cajun sausage.

Saturday night's campfire was held at the bleachers for the horse track.  Jim Beaty and Jeffrey Rupp played several songs, and various Scouts and Scout leaders were called forward for participate in some of the stage activities.  Bully made an appearance, and the offensive line coach for MSU spoke for several minutes on the importance of setting goals and letting nothing get in your way.

Sunday morning we slept late, and the Scouts didn't roll out until 7:00 AM. After a good breakfast (one patrol had bag omelets, one had hot biscuits and eggs, etc.), we went to assembly.  There was no US flag available, so Evan ran over to camp and took our US flag off the gateway.  Thomas called the colors, as Keyes and Micah and two Scouts from Troop 55 presented the colors and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Uniform inspection followed, then chapel.  The music was led by Thomas on guitar, singing two sings, and the message and Scripture reading were delivered by Micah Knox.

During the awards ceremony, Troop 45 earned first place in campsite inspection, and earned all three places in the uniform inspection. As one of our Scouts observed, "We won every ribbon that we could win.".   Four out of the six ribbons presented went to Troop 45, despite there being 13 troops present.

Following the awards ceremony, a Lakota helicopter built by nearby Eurocopter, and piloted by US Army Major Rendon of Tupelo, landed just outside our campsite.  The major and his team graciously spent over an hour showing the boys the ins and outs of the copter.

MSU was a wonderful host, and Troop 45 hopes to be able to do this at MSU again next year!