BSA Troop 45 History Project
1952 - 1959

From 1952 - 1959, Troop 45 was chartered by the Everyman's Bible Class of the Starkville First Methodist Church.  In 1952, the troop was in the Oktibbeha-Webster District of the Pushmataha Area Council, and was the 10th BSA unit chartered in the Oktibbeha District as of 1952.  According to the June 1, 1956 Starkville News, our district name changed to the Southwest District, which was Oktibbeha, Choctaw, and Winston counties.

Southwest District, Pushmataha Area Council
Scoutmaster Dr. Corwin M. "Doc" Johnson
Institutional Rep Prof. Emmett A. Kimbrough, Jr.
Awards Doc Johnson receives Silver Beaver
Religious Awards God And Country Awards earned by Billy Mitchell, James Whitaker, Robert Trotter, and Sammy Zollicoffer.
Events Of Note Billy Mitchell attended a junior leadership training camp at Philmont Scout Ranch.
Eagles William Eubanks
Scouts Robert S. Bernard, Hunter Eubanks, Jimmy Cole, Earl Clardy, Johnny Lobdell, Robert Maxwell, Charles Newell, Eric Sabelman, Robert Trotter, Sammy Zollicoffer, Bill B. Johnston, Andy Rhoades, James Bryant, Claude Crump, Johnny Johnston, Richard Johnston, Jack Rhoades, Larry White, Steve Moore, Jimmy Arnold, Sammy Black, John Colwick, Billy Mitchell, Everett Howell, Mike Mitchell, Gary Bardwell,  Robert Trotter (incomplete list)
history/1950-1959/doc1959.jpg (501096 bytes) Pushmataha Area Council President J.C. Mauldin (left) of Columbus, and Troop 45 Scoutmaster Dr. Corwin M. Johnson of Starkville (left), receive Silver Beaver awards during the 35th Annual Appreciation Banquet. (Memphis Commercial Appeal, Dec. 10, 1959)
Southwest District, Pushmataha Area Council

T45 holds it's first "Father And Son Banquet" on Feb. 11, 1958.  The troop has an exhibit in the window of Smith and Byars honoring Boy Scout Week in February.

All information for 1958, unless noted otherwise, comes from articles in the Starkville News
Scoutmaster Dr. Corwin M. "Doc" Johnson
Asst. Scoutmaster Capt. Strather W. Hawkins, Ben R. Fleming, Capt. Marion B. Zollicoffer (joined Sept. 1958)
Explorer Advisor Leslie Ellis
Institutional Rep Prof. Emmett A. Kimbrough, Jr.
Awards Presidential Streamer at Pushmataha Camporee in May, 1958.  This streamer was for troops with three or more patrols scoring in the 550-630 point range. Points were Hawk Patrol, 577; Rebel Patrol, 571; and Eagle Patrol, 554. T45 sets a new Camporee record by finishing the knot tying in 60 seconds.  Dr. Johnson receives the Scout Key during the December Council Banquet.
Eagles John R. Capen (the second in T45 to reach Eagle), Tommy Hawkins, Johnny Hamner, James Frank (Jim) Arnold.
history/1950-1959/hamner1958.jpg (427574 bytes) Johnny Hamner receives his Eagle rank from his mother as his father, A.L. Hamner, looks on. Johnny is the first Eagle Scout to have his entire Scouting career in Troop 45. (Starkville News, Sept. 1958)
history/1950-1959/hawkins1958.jpg (408707 bytes) Tommy Hawkins, Eagle Scout, is seen here with his father, Capt. S.W. Hawkins (lest) and Dr. C.M. Johnson, Scoutmaster (right), just after he received his Eagle badge. (Starkville News, Sept. 1958)
Troop Committee Chairman Harry L. Cole , Wilburn P. Sudduth, A. L. Hamner, F. Earl Clardy, Hunter Eubanks, Sr.
Scouts Robert S. Bernard, Hunter Eubanks, Allen Snowden, Charles Newell, Jimmy Whitaker, Andy Rhoades, Billy Mitchell, John Capen, Tommy Hawkins, Jim Arnold, Johnny Hamner, Pike Green, Preston Self, Sheldon Webster, Jack Newell, Mike Mitchell, Bill B. Johnston, Jack Holman, Sidney Scales, Everette Howell, Anthony Barnhill, Robert Maxwell, Johnny Lobdell, Charles S. Black, John Colwick, James McKenzie (new), Charles Watts (new), Johnny Johnston (new), James Bryant, Eric Sabelman, Larry Templeton, Harold Arnold, Jack Brown, William R. Johnston, Gary Bardwell, Thomas Rice, Phillip Delivorias, Jimmy Cole, Sammy Zollicoffer, Phil Phillips (new).  (I believe the list is almost complete; it may be missing one or two names.)
Philmont Trip These Scouts went to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico, July 7 - 20. Billy Mitchell, Sheldon Webster, Bill Johnson, Preston Self, and James Vaughn.  They were part of a 20 Scout Pushmataha crew.  One of the two adult leaders was Dr. Corwin M. Johnson, who was also T45 SM.  The trip also included a visit to Carlsbad Caverns.

history/1950-1959/BJohnston1958.jpg (35400 bytes)

Bill Johnston, wearing a Camp Palila t-shirt, at camp in Valley Forge, Pa, in 1958. (Photo courtesy Mr. Johnny Johnston)

Mr. Thomas H. Johnston, Jr. was elected president of the Pushmataha Area Council in 1941 and 1942.  Mr. Johnston was also council president in 1953-1955, and by 1958, had two sons, Johnny and Bill, active in Troop 45.  This article from Dec. 11, 1940 gives testimony to Mr. Johnston, and also to Mr. D.S. McClanhan, the first Eagle Scout in the Pushmataha Area Council, and the first to hold the Scoutmaster's Key. (Photo courtesy Mr. Johnny Johnston)

history/1950-1959/PhilPa1958.jpg (59155 bytes)

Scouts and Scouters in Philadelphia while on the Valley Forge trip, standing in front of "L. Hammerman, Importer of Fancy Willow Baskets".  These were Scouts of our council contingent, including Scouts from Troop 45. (Photo courtesy Mr. Johnny Johnston)

history/1950-1959/PhilPaChurch1958.jpg (43734 bytes)

On Sunday during their trip to Philadelphia, these Scouts take time to do their duty to God as they attend church. (Photo courtesy Mr. Johnny Johnston)
Traffic Survey In a joint effort with T14, T45 did a traffic safety survey on Saturday, June 10, 1958. They observed traffic at numerous corners in downtown Starkville for three hours at a time. Main and Washington, Main and Jackson, and Main and Lafayette were observed. This was in conjunction with the national Scout theme for the year, "Safety Good Turn". This project had the support of Mayor Reynolds and Police Chief Josey. (The rate of drivers who failed to give turn signals ranged from 36% to 72%.)
Southwest District, Pushmataha Area Council
T45 begins 1957 with 16 Scouts, and ends the year with 41 Scouts.  T45 reaches 20 days and nights of camping, 28 Scouts participated in the council camporee, and earned a total of 128 merit badges.
All information for 1957, unless noted otherwise, comes from articles in the Starkville News
Scoutmaster Dr. Corwin M. "Doc" Johnson
Asst. Scoutmaster Capt. Strather W. Hawkins, Ben R. Fleming
Explorer Advisor Leslie Ellis
Institutional Rep Prof. Emmett A. Kimbrough, Jr.
Troop Committee Chairman Harry L. Cole , Wilburn P. Sudduth, A.L. Hamner, Earl Clardy
Eagle Scouts Billy Mitchell.  The 12/20/57 Starkville News lists Mitchell as the first Eagle ever in Troop 45.
Troop Officers Billy Mitchell, SPL (incomplete list)
Awards May Camporee, Eagle Patrol (527 points) and Seagull Patrol (507 points) won blue streamers, Apache Patrol (425 points) and Hawk Patrol (465 points), won red streamers.
Religious Awards Bill Johnson, God And Country
Scouts Robert S. Bernard, Hunter Eubanks, John R. Capen, John Hamner, Ivan Miles, Charles P. Newell, John Patterson, Andy Rhoades, Earl Clardy, Johnny Lobdell, Pike Green,  Jim Arnold, William Thomas (Tommy) Hawkins, Bill Johnston, Anthony Barnhill, John Colwick, Bob Douglas, Robert Maxwell, James Vaughn, Harold Arnold, Mike Mitchell, Eric Sableman, Eddie Simonds, Ray Slaughter, Jack Brown, Sheldon Webster, Preston Self, Jack L. Newell, Prentiss McReynolds, Jimmy Whitaker, Allen Snowden, John Patterson . (List formed from BOR and COH reports in the Starkville News during 1957, and is short a few names.)
August Board of Review T45 joined T14 for a joint Board of Review, held at the FUMC.
October Court of Honor The 9/20/57 Starkville News reports "A Court Of Honor for Boy Scout Troop 45 will be held at the First Methodist Church October 8. This decision was made at a meeting of the troop committee Monday evening."  From this point forward, according to SN articles, T45 held its own Boards of Review and Courts Of Honor, while T14 and T27 continued to hold joint events.
history/1950-1959/Tower1.jpg (273600 bytes) Troop 45 building a pioneering tower on the southwest corner of the court house lawn. This is the start of the tower, laying on its side.  The year is approximate, based on the cars in the background. The earliest it would have been is 1957, since these came from Doc Johnson's collection.  The absence of post-1957 cars in any of the photos makes 1957 a likely year. The image at the left links to a copy of the original, un-cropped, full size photograph.  (Tower photos courtesy Bruce Johnson)
history/1950-1959/Tower2.jpg (244643 bytes) Construction almost done.
history/1950-1959/Tower3.jpg (280970 bytes) Complete!  In the background of these photos, you can see signs for JW Eckford Memorial Hospital, and Brannin Insurance Agency.
Southwest District, Pushmataha Area Council
All information for 1956, unless noted otherwise, comes from articles in the Starkville News


Prof. Emmett A. Kimbrough, Jr.
Asst. Scoutmaster Jay Dees
Explorer Adviser Leslie L. Ellis
Institutional Rep John C. McWhorter
Awards May Camporee, Apache Patrol (452 points)  and Eagle Patrol (459 points) won red streamers. Highest possible score was 600 points.
Oktibbeha - Webster District, Pushmataha Area Council
Reporting of Troop 33 activity dwindled in 1954 and 1955, as there is little mention of T33 in 1954, and no mention of any T33 activity during 1955 in the Starkville News. In early 1954, Gerald Strain moved to Batesville, MS to work with Southside Chevrolet.   When the troop was reorganized by the Everyman's Bible Class of Starkville First Methodist, it was rechartered with the new designation Troop 45, with a new SM and a new TC.  Apparently the church did not recharter on time, the council gave the T33 number to another troop, thus the T45 designation that is still used.
All information for 1955, unless noted otherwise, comes from articles in the Starkville News


Prof. Emmett A. Kimbrough, Jr. (December, 1955)
Professor Emmett Kimbrough, photo from mid-late 1950's. (Courtesy of Earl Kimbrough)
Asst. Scoutmaster Jay Dees (December, 1955)
Explorer Adviser Leslie L. Ellis  (December, 1955)
Institutional Rep John C. McWhorter (December, 1955)
Troop Committee Mr. Ben Barrentine, Dr. Harry L. Cole, Mr. John C. McWhorter.  (December, 1955)
Troop Committee Mr. Ben Barrentine, Dr. Harry Cole, Mr. John C. McWhorter. (December, 1955)
Troop Members Upon Rechartering Mike McKewen, Sikes Howard, Lake Valentine, Bill Johnston, John Capen, Robert Maxwell, George Edwards, Pike Green, and Donnie Dempsey. (December, 1955)
Oktibbeha - Webster District, Pushmataha Area Council
All information for 1954, unless noted otherwise, comes from articles in the Starkville News
Scoutmaster Gerald Strain (Mr. Strain moved out of town in early 1954, and the troop management was left to the church.)
Board Of Review Wesley Christopher, Second Class, 1/10/54; Orrell Thomas and Larry Scales, Merit Badges (not specified).  Gerald Strain was present at a Board Of review 1/29/04, but it wasn't clear if any T33 boys received rank or MBs.
Demise? A Board Of Review was held 2/22/54, but SM Gerald Strain was not listed as attending. Larry Scales, an original Scout, received the Poultry Keeping MB, but MB recipients were not listed by troop in the newspaper.  I appears when Mr. Strain moved in early 1954, the management of the troop was left in the hands of the church, and the ball was dropped at re-charter time.  When the church caught up with the chartering process, they had lost their T33 designation, and was rechartered with T45.

history/1950-1959/STARK~78.JPG (55529 bytes)

The small tan, green and yellow patch (with the turtle) was used for a council camporee, probably in 1954. This has been dated in another place as 1955, but since Mr. Strain was not here in 1955, the latest this patch could be would be 1954.  It could possibly be earlier. (Patch courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain)
Oktibbeha - Webster District, Pushmataha Area Council
Information for 1953, unless noted otherwise, comes from articles in the Starkville News
In 1952 and 1953, there was a great deal of Starkville News coverage of the Boy Scouts.  
Mr. Morris Meyer, Owner of the paper, was also on the Scout Executive Board as Publicity Chairman.
Scoutmaster Gerald Strain
Asst. Scoutmaster C . A. "Charlie" Johnson
Explorer Advisor Frank C. Page, Jr.
Troop Committee E. H. Walker, Chairman; R. P. Comer, John T. Moore, C. F. Crigler, W. C. Lindley
Camporee May 2, 1953, Camp Palila, Louisville.  The Seagull Patrol won a blue streamer, and Hawk I and Hawk II patrols won red streamers.
National Jamboree Orrell Thomas and Dell Murphy attended the 3rd National Jamboree with the council group, which made them part of Troop 15, Section 21 in Santa Ana, California.
Board of Review Orrell Thomas, Citizenship In The Home MB, 12/28/53, Jerry Lee Barron, Second Class, 12/28/53.
Merit Badge Exposition March 27 and 28, 1953, T33 was part of a city wide merit badge exposition at the City Armory.  The Starkville Jaycees sponsored the event.  T33 did the booths on Camping, Poultry Keeping, and Marksmanship. Other participants were T14, T27, T29, and T25.
Rifle Club In May, 1953, T33 formed a Junior Rifle Club, which was chartered by the National Rifle Assn.  Members were Billy Callahan (Pres.), Dell Murphy, Evans Lampkin, Walter V. Glass, and Orrell Thomas. (SN 5/22/53)

history/1950-1959/REL-NRAcardweb.jpg (47874 bytes)

NRA Membership card issued to Evans Lampkin, member of the Troop 33 Rifle Club.  (Courtesy Michael Lampkin)

history/1950-1959/palilaOA53.jpg (49784 bytes)

1953 Camp Palila OA patch. The 1953 OA patch is from the Area 5E (Ve) Order of the Arrow conference that
was hosted by Watonala Lodge and held at Camp Palila. The Scouts who attended this conference were from all over the state of Mississippi. (Patch courtesy Michael Lampkin, text courtesy Mark Guyton)

history/1950-1959/REL-OAcardweb.jpg (98801 bytes)

Ordeal membership card for Lodge 169 (Watonala Lodge), issued to Evans Lampkin, and signed by Bobby Thompson. (Courtesy Michael Lampkin)
All information for 1952, unless noted otherwise, comes from articles in the Starkville News
Oktibbeha - Webster District, Pushmataha Area Council
First Meeting The first meeting of Troop 33 was held on Tuesday, April 29, 1952.  It's charter had been issued, but not yet received by the troop.
First Charter Pushmataha Area Council records show the date of the first charter to be April 1, 1952.  The troop was originally chartered with the designation of Troop 33, chartered by the Everyman's Bible Class of Starkville First Methodist Church.  Troop 33 was the 10th Boy Scout unit to be formed in Oktibbeha County. The formal formation of the unit occurred in a meeting the first week of April, 1952, at the Presbyterian Church.  Present for the event were Morris Meyer, District Chair; W. S. Hunt, District Chairman Of Extension; Dr. W. B. Owen, Chairman of the Pushmataha Area Council; Kirk Henry, Deputy Regional Director, Memphis; Ted Childress, Area Scout Executive, West Point; Albert Cappe, Field Executive, Columbus; local Board members Tom Jones, L. M. Prichard, W. S. Hunt, N. D. Burdine, Harry Stoy, Dr. W. T. Rankin, Otis Wax, and Thomas Johnson, Jr.
Scoutmaster Gerald Strain  Mr. Strain earned his Eagle in T14,  and was ASM with T27 prior to starting T33 in 1952.   While SM of T33, Mr. Strain worked with Lolley Motor Co.  Mr. Strain later spent 35 years as a professional Scout executive, serving councils in Memphis, Jonesboro, and Amarillo. (courtesy Mr. Gerald Strain)
Asst. Scoutmaster C . A. "Charlie" Johnson (who also served at the same time as Scoutmaster for Troop 27, according to the Oct. 10, 1952 Starkville News)
Explorer Advisor Frank C. Page, Jr.
Institutional Rep Fred McGlohn
Troop Committee R. P. Colmer, J. T. Moore, C. F. Crigler, and W. C. Lindley
First Camporee May 2-4, 1952, Legion State Park, Louisville, MS. Newspaper reported on May 9, 1952, that Troop 33, Hawk Patrol, scored 898 points at the Camporee.
First Troop Campout May 17, 1952, at Piney Woods. All members present except one.  An investiture ceremony was held at camp Saturday night for all new Tenderfoot Scouts. The new Tenderfoots were Larry Scales, Walter Glass, Leroy Boling, George Barnhill, Dell Murphree, and Orrell Thomas. (location provided by Mr. Gerald Strain)
First Scouts Larry Scales, Walter Vic Glass, Leroy Boling, George Barnhill, Dell Murphy, Orrell Thomas, Evans Lampkin, Ward Jefferson, Carl Wofford, Shelby Yeatman, and Billy Callahan.  This list is probably not complete.
Troop Officers Evans Lampkin, Patrol Leader, Hawk Patrol; Billy Callahan, Sea Gull Patrol Leader
Special Event Troop 33 participated in the Scouting Exposition held in the Columbus, MS City Auditorium on Nov. 8, 1952. This was the first exposition ever held in the Pushmataha Area Council.

history/1950-1959/BillyCallahanGAC.jpg (93817 bytes)

Billy Callahan of T33 (left) receives his God And Country award from Rev. Erin Sharp during a service in the First Methodist Church. The Scout on the right is unidentified, but has T27 numerals on his sleeve.  Date unknown. (Courtesy Mr. Gerald Strain)

numerals33.jpg (53239 bytes)

Original Troop 33 numerals from uniform of Evans Lampkin.  Note the integrated numerals.  (Courtesy Michael Lampkin)

history/1950-1959/push_camp_50B.jpg (23518 bytes)

1950 Pushmataha Camporee patch.  Yes, this is prior to the start of T33, but it's where many of the T33 Scouts honed their early skills while in other troops.  (Courtesy Michael Lampkin)

history/1950-1959/REL-MB-woodcarvingweb.jpg (90361 bytes)

Merit Badge card for Woodcarving, issued to Evans Lampkin.  This would have been one of the first merit badge cards issued to a member of Troop 33.  (Courtesy Michael Lampkin)

history/1950-1959/push_camp.jpg (29361 bytes)

Pushmataha Area Camp patch, date uncertain, but was probably c. 1949-1953.  Pushmataha Area Camp - We have speculated before that this patch was used for
a summer camp program before Camp Palila - possible held at Camp Henry Pratt, Davis Lake, Choctaw Lake or Legion Park in the late 40's or early 50's.  There is another existing patch with an identical design, but is green silk screening on yellow felt. (Patch courtesy Michael Lampkin, text courtesy Mark Guyton)
Information below either has not been identified by year, or spans several years, or is prior to the founding of Troop 33.

history/1950-1959/REL-JLTCweb.jpg (103888 bytes)

Junior Leader Training card issued to Evans Lampkin in 1950.  Evans would later be SPL for Troop 33. (Courtesy Michael Lampkin)

history/1950-1959/STARK~80.JPG (34178 bytes)

Flaming Arrow Patrol, late 40's or early 50's. (Patch courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain, text courtesy Mark Guyton)

history/1950-1959/FlamingArrow1940s.JPG (59855 bytes)

Same patch after being on the uniform for over 60 years. (Courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain)

history/1950-1959/ThreeBar1940s.JPG (50373 bytes)

From T14, late 1940's. (Courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain)

history/1950-1959/STARK~82.JPG (53382 bytes)

This is the patch Mr. Strain received for ten years' registration in the BSA.  Note the large "X" behind the BSA logo. Date would be late 40's to early 50's. (Courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain)

history/1950-1959/20 Year Pin.jpg (24828 bytes)

20 Year tie clasp. Note the two "X"'s to denote 20 years. (Courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain)

history/1950-1959/25 Year Pin.JPG (16252 bytes)

25 Year tie clasp.  Note the change of style five years made.  (Courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain)

history/1950-1959/JASM1940s.JPG (54345 bytes)

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster patch worn by Mr. Gerald Strain while JASM in T14, c. 1946-1947.

history/1950-1959/Eagle1946Strain.JPG (71614 bytes)

Mr. Strain's original Eagle patch as worn on his merit badge sash in 1946.  (Courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain)

history/1950-1959/BADGD50.JPG (48025 bytes)

1951 Pushmataha Camporee patch. (Courtesy of Mr. Gerald Strain)

history/1950-1959/1951_Pushmataha_Camporee.jpg (73001 bytes)

Another fine example of a 1951 Camporee patch (Courtesy of Michael Lampkin)
Letter from Mr. Robert S. Bernard, now Of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Letter received Oct. 18, 2004:

I was a member of Troop 45 from 1957 until 1962, when I became inactive. I earned my Eagle rank in 1960.

Dr. Leslie Ellis was assistant Scoutmaster when I joined.

Our Scoutmaster, from the time I joined until late 1961, was Dr. Corwin M. Johnson, whom we all addressed as "Doc". He was an Eagle Scout, and he received the Silver Beaver Award around 1960 for his work in the Pushmataha Area Council. We revered him, and we were all pretty sad when he left to take a professorship in San Luis Obispo.

Doc was succeeded as Scoutmaster by Ronnie Greely, who was Scoutmaster when I dropped out in 1962.

Here's a partial list of troop members during my era in Troop 45:

Billy Mitchell
Mike Mitchell
Joe Johnson (now living in Clinton, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
John Colwick (retired clinical psychologist, now living in Starkville)
Bill Roebuck
Harold Arnold
Johnny Lobdell
Andy Rhoades (still living in Starkville)
Jack Rhoades
Hunter Eubanks
David Cardwell
Sheldon Webster
Robert Trotter (MD, now living in Columbus)
Tommy Hawkins
Allen Snowden
Jack Newell
Charles Newell
Jack Brown
Jimmy Cole (still living in Starkville, as you know)
Don Pomeroy
John Pomeroy
Bill B. Johnston
Johnny Johnston

Those are the names I can think of at the moment. I think Andy Rhoades is still on the staff at MSU. He was an Eagle Scout, and he'd be a great source of information.

I'll look around and see if I can find any old photos of the troop members, but I don't think I've got much.