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Medical Forms

Each Scout and Scouter must have a current medical form on file with the troop any time he goes somewhere with the troop.  This form must be completed annually.

For short term camps (overnighters, three day trips) only parts A and C have to be completed, and those parts do not require a medical examination.

Download the medical form, and unzip it.  The form that you receive can be filled out using your computer and saved on your computer.  If your Scout's meduical information changes, you can simply update what's on the form that you saved,  print it out, and proivde the new information to the troop.  This also make updating the form annually very easy.

For long term camps (summer camp, for example), part B must be completed, and that requires a medical examination.

Before each event, the adult responsible for leading the event will check to make sure he has a current medical form for each Scout participating.  If he does not, he will request one from the parents.

Download the BSA Medical Form