Troop 45 Chicken Dinner Sale
May 14, 2004
First United Methodist Church Parking Lot

chicken04a.JPG (69073 bytes) Miss Frances and Tim assemble plates... Slaw, chicken.... slaw, chicken.... No, wait.... slaw, chicken, bread.....  slaw, chicken, bread.....
chicken04b.jpg (72647 bytes) Assembling plates correctly requires a lot of concentration, and appropriate headgear. 
chicken04d.jpg (69407 bytes) Scouts armed with ponchos and umbrellas took up the tickets, called out the number of plates, and raced each other to the next car.
chicken04e.jpg (72120 bytes) Customers picking up dinners in the driving rain never had to get wet, as scouts had the whole process "covered".
chicken04g.jpg (72535 bytes) The drive-thru chicken process was impressive to watch.  Scouts got cars through the circle, served, and out again.  A scout serves troop committee member Mr. John Robert Arnold. 
chicken04h.jpg (78684 bytes) Scout leaders got the occasional chance to visit under the pavilions set up by the scouts prior to the big cooking.
chicken04i.jpg (82410 bytes) The grey background isn't bad lighting, it's rain.  A constant downpour kept the event interesting.
chicken04j.JPG (86502 bytes) "The Man".  T45 ASM Rick Chambers mans the smoker, turning out well over 400 chicken quarters on Saturday morning.  From acquisition to seasoning to grilling to serving, each chicken had the full attention of ASM Rick.
chicken04k.JPG (59461 bytes) A rare moment with no cars or customers.
chicken04l.jpg (81718 bytes) "Rain?  What rain?"  Appropriate gear kept most of the scouts and leaders dry.  Sort of.   
chicken04m.jpg (79417 bytes) Eventually everyone got at least a little wet.  The crossing sign from the Scout Hut somehow migrated down to the spot where the cars stopped for their dinners, so it was put into use.
chicken04n.jpg (100027 bytes) ASM Jacobo had control of the beans.  As all good scouts know, it's really, really hard to control the beans, and we were fortunate to have such an experienced bean man on site.

Photos courtesy of P27 ASM Terry Coggins and T45 ASM Dave Dampier.