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Summer camp has a lot of memories.  Bikes lined up at the hitching line, assembly in front of the Dining Hall each morning, Cap'n Nate in full pirate regalia, Collor Guard before breakfast and dinner, the firing of the cannon as the colors are lowered, the lines in the Dining Hall, the ladies who cook and serve and call the boys nicknames, and meeting for classes under the patio.


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The Edible Olympics are always popular with the guys at Summer Camp.  Milking a cow against a time limit, extra points for drinking the milk, and the Wheel Of Misfortune. Each patrol has a representative spin the pointer, and the patrol gets 10 points if their patrol member eats what comes up on the pointer.  It was a truly appetizing selection. sardines, sardines in mustard, pickled pigs feet, pickled roly polys (capers), horse emissions (plum juice), smoked oysters, a sliced apple, and, of course, earthworms.  Each patrol in Troop 45 got their 10 points, though sometimes it was pretty close to going the other way.


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More Edible Olympics; Raw Egg Toss is always fun, and the Burping Toss got us big points.  A Scout chugs a root beer, and then delivers his best burp for points assigned by three judges.  the score board tells the tale.  The Sledge-O-Matic is a real crowd pleaser, when Chef Mohammed swings a mighty hammer, slamming into ketchup bottles, mustard bottles, cans of sardines, and the traditional Gallagher-style watermelon.  The bottle of chocolate syrup was worn by several guys who stood just a fudge too close to the action. (I've been saving that pun.)  We washed out several Scout shirts that night.


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Waterfront activity was carefully overseen by  BSA certified Lifeguards, such as our own Johnson, Justin, Trevor, and Chris. "Buddy tags" were closely watched.


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Wednesday night was family night, and the troop was led to dinner assembly by ASM Patrick McFadyen, who wore his best Scottish kilt and Scout uniform, and played the bagpipes along the route for a grand entrance by our troop. 


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Campfires were possible due to the recent wet weather, and out troop really racked up during the awards.  We received Honor Troop, two of our guys earned BSA Lifeguard, six out our Scouts earned the Mile Swim patch, Cole was honored as the Best Overall Scout for Session II, and three of our boys, Tim, Brad, and Thomas were recognized for completing COPE training.  



John Read and Eagle Scout Tim Read, after Friday night campfire at the Council Ring. Two days later, Tim was headed to Parris Island, SC for Marine Basic Training.  


Photos courtesy of Asst. Scoutmaster Gary McFadyen