July, 2007

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Monday was all about canoeing 10.5 miles down the Buffalo River.  We used Dillard's as an outfitter. Davis and Parker playing checkers in the A/C at the Ozark Folk Center on Wednesday. Arkansas has their own BSA license plates.  Our guys spotted this one at the Mystoc Caverns. Caleb was our guide for the tour of the two caves at Mystic Caverns.

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The caverns were 52 degrees, and beautifully lit.  Our Scouts took turns holding up the roof so it wouldn't crush us.   Evan and Ethan found rocking chairs out back of the visitors' center where they examined brochures of local interesting places. Day Four.  You'll have to ask Jason about this one.

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The Ozark Folk Center in Mtn. View is great.  Working exhibits of blacksmithing, candle making, knife making, a foot operated wood lathe, a gunsmith, quilts, old printing presses, a wood powered kitchen, and on and on. Lunch at The Skillet was grand.  Plenty of chances to mug for the camera. Thursday morning group shot outside the Front Porch Restaurant in Yellville, AR.

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Camp was a comfortable place.  Other than a 2" downpour Saturday night, it was shady, fairly cool, and not many bugs about.  The restroom and the dining pavilion was just up the hill. We had a Venture Crew from Oklahoma next to us for a couple of days, and then we had the campgrounds to ourselves.  Fireworks Sunday and Tuesday nights, an antique store Tuesday afternoon, and a trip to the "Flippin Wal-Mart".  And, for what it's worth, it ain't right, but it's the law in Arkansas.

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Geocaching was a fun diversion around Harrison, Arkansas Tuesday afternoon.

In the 1950's, the BSA placed about 150 of these great statues around the nation.  Only about 50 can still be accounted for.  The Scouts spotted this one in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and needed to take a photo break.  This status is a rarity, as she still has all the rays in her crown, and the lens for her tork.

Flippin, Arkansas.  The Scouts felt a real need to have their photo taken with this sign, though the reason is beyond me.  They did enjoy calling out the name of every store there that had a sign "The Flippin Cafe", "The Flippin Taxidermy Shop", etc.