AUGUST, 2007

1.JPG (56864 bytes) One of the many wilderness shelters erected on Saturday afternoon.
2.JPG (62135 bytes) The "Taj Mahal" survival hut.  two rooms, space for four Scouts.
3.JPG (90873 bytes) More traditional one-Scout huts.
4.JPG (83245 bytes) Sausage and one-eyed jacks, the breakfast of champions.
5.JPG (160023 bytes) A lean-to hut.
6.JPG (79514 bytes) The backside of the Taj Mahal.
Troop 45 gathered at Camp Seminole early Saturday afternoon, and learned how to gather water, purify water, start fires without matches, cook over what can be gathered,  how to signal rescuers, how to get found when lost, and so on.  That night we slept in the huts built that afternoon from available materials.