Pushmataha Area Council Fall Camporee
October, 2007
Columbus Air Force Base

FridayNighta.jpg (86339 bytes) Friday night we arrived at CAFB, registered, got our wrist bands and campsite assignment, and set up camp.  We erected two dining flies, almost 20 tents, four patrol boxes, installed lighting, and all other details of camp in two hours.  We had five patrols plus five adults present for the event. 
SatBreakfast.jpg (124911 bytes) Saturday morning each patrol cooked their own meals.  Menus ranged from simple to elaborate.  Two Warrior Patrol members are cooking eggs and bacon in this photo.
satChilly.jpg (105520 bytes) It was a little chilly Saturday morning.  These two guys are wondering "Why didn't I pack socks?".
FlagConst101.jpg (90736 bytes) FlagConst102.jpg (94272 bytes) flags.jpg (62947 bytes) Flagpole construction finished the pre-assembly work.  the pole was the tallest and easiest to see flagpole in the camping area.
SatAssembly.jpg (128136 bytes) Assembly was at the lakeside, behind the camporee admin center.
K9.jpg (158822 bytes) Demonstrations by the K9 units of CAFB was pretty impressive.  I'd hate to be subdued by one of these dogs without the protective suit!
SpinSeat.jpg (77373 bytes) Scouts got the chance to go through some of the conditioning and training that pilots experience.  The spin seat was a lot of fun.
AircraftFire.jpg (69976 bytes) CAFB has the most advanced fire fighting unit in the world.  Here, a jet is set ablaze so the Scouts can see how the fire is handled.
FireResponse.jpg (72282 bytes) The fire is handled from a safe distance by a pumper and a long distance spray rig.  
FireStation.jpg (87903 bytes) The inside of fire station, with demonstrations of preparedness given by the fire fighters on base.
FireSuit.jpg (72180 bytes) One of our Scouts dons a protective fire suit. 
EjectorSeat.jpg (79765 bytes) Troop 45 Scout gets instructions on how the ejector seat works.  It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.
CompetitionX.jpg (106159 bytes) One of our patrols works on crossing a lava filled pool using only the materials at hand. This was a team building exercise that took some thought and cooperative effort to make work.
Buddycarry.jpg (87965 bytes) The Buddy Carry, a rescue effort done against the clock.
Stretcherrace.jpg (101226 bytes) The Stretcher Race, another timed rescue effort.    
ChiliDogs.jpg (105010 bytes) Some patrols went the simple route for Saturday night dinner, and had chili dogs.
SundayBreakfast.jpg (117468 bytes) Scouts grab a list bit of nourishment before Sunday morning assembly, chapel, and awards ceremonies.  
SundayAssemblyb.jpg (131631 bytes) Troop 45 patrols in full uniform, lined up for inspection.
SundayAwardsb.jpg (122319 bytes) Our Senior Patrol Leader accepts one of five ribbons awards to Troop 45 for their performance at camporee.

Photos courtesy of Lee Hood